FLAG: Flexible Language and Grammar Checking

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  • FLAG: Overview of Functionalities (PDF)
  • Error Description Formalism (PDF): Slides from the LREC presentation
  • Screenshots of the FLAG development environment
    Andrew Bredenkamp, Berthold Crysmann, and Mirela Petrea: Demo presented at ANLP 2000, Seattle.
  • Papers

  • Annotation of Error Types for German USENET News Corpus
    Markus Becker, Andrew Bredenkamp, Berthold Crysmann, and Judith Klein (1999): Proceedings of the ATALA workshop on Treebanks, Paris.
  • Looking for Errors: A declarative formalism for resource-adaptive language checking
    Andrew Bredenkamp, Berthold Crysmann, and Mirela Petrea (2000): Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Athens, Greece.

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